Friday, July 2, 2010

some older recordings

sorry for the really crappy sound quality... especially on the first one... and the second one...ugh.

pink lemonade


lucky penny


Pink Lemonade

well you say I'm just as pretty as pink lemonade
wanna take me to the front porch, sit in the shade
I may be sour and pucker up
better put somethin' stronger into my cup
'cause I may just be a sucker enough

Is it just a pun in your pocket when you're talkin to me
here I thought I was the one you were happy to see
well it could of been anyone, any- one! two! three!

I told you once in middle school
we were gonna be so much cooler than cool
with a brain freeze, cold tongue, icees
now I see you, do you see- something in me?

I may be certain, but I'm not even close to shore
by now I'm 20 miles out to sea, or more
sleeping next to you on the ocean floor
don't believe you when you say that I didn't snore
I think I like you... it's gettin' hard to ignore

oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no


Gravity got me out of bed, feelin' rough
think I'm on the wrong side of sunny-side-up
I wish you were homely enough
to make me feel at home with you
wanna wear ya in, wear ya out, until it's true

After all it could hardly matter
in the world everything is just matter
should I get mad or just get sadder?
glow in the dark stars are out of place
when it's mostly empty space

Tonight I'm on the run from the moon
taking aim, I'll be shot down soon
it's just a rock, but a rock will do
dust was the only thing that hung around
sticking to the universe and holdin' it down

Lucky Penny (small changes)

I found a lucky penny
under my rainy day shoes
all I get is small change

I don't wanna find a change in you

You're so estranged
you're just as strange
as you ever were
feeling short changed
I guess it's my lucky day

are you any different now?
are you just indifferent now?
I have to change somehow

I'm not day-dreaming,
I'm just sleeping all day

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